Wireless Internet Using Cordless Phone

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Wireless Internet Using Cordless Phone

Post by JPKNHTP » Thu Aug 18, 2005 9:21 pm

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Re: Wireless Internet Using Cordless Phone

Post by dyarker » Fri Aug 19, 2005 4:06 am

Possible, but not easy as you think, and you probably won't like when you're done. 9600bpS if you're lucky.<p>The MODEM line side is set up for 2 wire full duplex with DC current loop supervision (standard phone line). You'll have to make a hybrid to convert 2 wire to 4 wire plus 2 (2 for transmit, 2 for receive, 2 for the cordless' hook switch). It's not a simple 600 Ohm to 600 Ohm conversion either! The cordless probably uses a 16 to 32 Ohm speaker and a dynamic mic. You'll have to block the DC that goes to the mic without upsetting the mic amplifier's bias, and match impedences without too much loss.<p>Connection speed will be bad because of echo and phase shifts due to the extra 2 wire to 4 wire conversions. (separate transmit/receive inside the MODEM coverted to 2 wire in the MODEM's hybrid, your interface converts to separate transmit/receive for the cordless, the cordless base converts to 2 wire again for the phone line. A real nightmare for high speed modulated data!)<p>Sorry, but I believe you need to think of a better way to have wireless Internet.<p>Good luck,
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Re: Wireless Internet Using Cordless Phone

Post by Mike » Fri Aug 19, 2005 6:47 am

Thats the exact thought I had a while ago, back when I had dialup. I thought some company should make a cordless modem that includes a little thumbdrive-shaped USB adapter that got power from the laptop and connected wirelessly to the base unit, which connected into the phone jack.<p>But since that doesn't exist, the closest thing is one of those phone over power line adapters. They require a AC plug by where you want the laptop, though. But since there are more AC jacks than phone jacks, it may help a little.<p>The best idea, though, is to setup an 802.11b or g wireless network, grab an old computer, install windows 98 and a modem, and configure internet sharing. That will take the dialup connection and share it across the network.<p>It will also be able to dial whenever you need a connection. But that only works if your ISP lets you connect through windows Dial Up Networking. So if you have AOL, netzero/juno, etc. that require you to use their connection software, you will have to manually make the connection. But if your service lets windows directly connect, your computer can have the server dial a connection whenever you need it.<p>For the server, basically anything will work. I used a P233mhz computer, and it was more than enough. You may also be able to use other versions of windows, I just don't know if they all support Internet connection sharing. I used windows 98SE so I know it has it.<p>[ August 19, 2005: Message edited by: Mike ]</p>

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Re: Wireless Internet Using Cordless Phone

Post by thesprocket » Sun Aug 21, 2005 8:11 am

If i read this correctly, the point is to be able to roam around the house connected to the internet even though your interconnection type is dialup? If so, take a closer look at those cable/dsl router-NAT boxes from dlink and linksys. One of my friends has one that has a serial port on the back for redundant/failover dial on demand connection. you just hook and external 56k modem to it and go into the config and set up #, user, and pass. just don't connect anything to the main WAN port and you are good to go.<p>The one he has is an older one, doesn't have integrated wireless, but you could add an AP on hte LAN side. when you first open the browser, you get a "please wait while we connect..." then it redirects you where you wanted to go.<p>Now i think... the apple airport has the same features and is 802.11b compliant, your PC can connect as easily as a mac.

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