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Homebuilt EPROM programmer?

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2002 5:52 pm
by bizzybody
Anyone got any links to plans for a homebuilt EPROM programmer? Especially if it'll work with various types of them.

Re: Homebuilt EPROM programmer?

Posted: Fri Nov 29, 2002 5:55 am
by bwts
If ypur interested in PICs go to the EPE web site and check out there ftp site there is a programmer that you can make and hook up to your computer.<p>B

Re: Homebuilt EPROM programmer?

Posted: Wed Dec 04, 2002 8:23 pm
by wd5gnr
I had some spare room on a PCB panel and did a few boards for this simple programmer:<p>I also wrote a very simple console Windows program to drive it. Unfortunately, it doesn't reliably do 256K parts although for the others it works like a champ. I think there is too much load on some signal on the 256K part as the address shifts over by 1.<p>Still pretty simple to build.