Off-topic assistance, please ?

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Off-topic assistance, please ?

Post by Externet » Tue Dec 20, 2005 8:25 pm

Hi fellows.
How can a small command or instruction be included in the initialization of a PC to delete all cookies and temporary internet files every time it is turned on [or when it is shutting off]?

There is a selectable option to clear all temporary internet files (which does NOT work), but cannot find one for cookies...
Thanks, :)

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Chris Smith
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Re: Off-topic assistance, please ?

Post by Chris Smith » Tue Dec 20, 2005 9:49 pm

When searching for the "@" [AT symbol], the search engine will locate all your cookies.

You can write a batch file and Icon, or just a plain search and select all, delete,.... and its clean.

A batch file [or pif] can do all this automatically and sequentially erase all of the above cookies found.

When you click on it,... it searches for all "@" [cookies] then "deletes all" [*.* dos] ATs in that list.

You can launch a command in windows to go into DOS to do all this or set windows to do a search, select all, then a delete command.

Norton System works has a cookie cleaner utility.

I just prefer to use the windows “find” command, review the cookies and delete the ones I don’t want.

You can also sort them out and store a copy of some good cookies on another hard drive or floppy disk so you can delete all of the main ones on the C drive search, then copy back the good cookies back into the file so you don’t have to enter vital or tedious information later on.

Temp files can be searched and removed by these Dos commands, or they can placed in a batch file before the computer starts up clean out the files.

CD C:\windows\temp
erase *.*
Exit [back to windows]

Or you can locate the C:\Windows\temp file and delete from there.

The C:\windows\cookie folder does not contain all the cookies for a simple clean out, like the temp file does.

My cookie folder in C drive contains 53 cookies, while a search of the hard drive shows 636 cookies total on that same hard drive.

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Re: Off-topic assistance, please ?

Post by Newz2000 » Wed Dec 21, 2005 11:54 am

Try finding TweakUI. Back in the '98 days it had an option to delete cookies and etc every time you close your browser or log off the computer. I'll bet it's still there.

There's another program that I've heard of, but don't have any personal experience with called something like, "cookie cleaner". Start with Tweak UI though, because I think it will do what you want (and much more).

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Re: Off-topic assistance, please ?

Post by cato » Thu Dec 22, 2005 4:38 am

If you look at the tools/options/general tab you will see that delete cookies button is included in the temporary internet files area. Therefore, I would assume that the --temporary internet files selectable option (which does NOT work for you)-- would also not work to delete cookies. :-)

Dean Huster
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Re: Off-topic assistance, please ?

Post by Dean Huster » Thu Dec 22, 2005 7:43 pm

How could you be off-topic if you started the topic? Now, I suppose that if your OP had something to do with religion, politics, sex, horticulture, etc., maybe then ....

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Re: Off-topic assistance, please ?

Post by Externet » Thu Dec 22, 2005 9:14 pm

Yes, Dean, but you know I suffer from poor English, and meant not related to Volts nor Nuts, but to those animals called compfusers and their blandware. ;)

Chris: If your method means clicking 'Start' then 'Find', then "@", and delete those, nothing will work at the end. Sooo much of [email protected] embedded everywhere...

Matt: Yes, the feature is there but does not work, they hide anywhere else.

cato: After 'delete cookies' probably directed to the cookies folder, you find later they hide in the internet temporary files, in randomly named subfolders. After deleting those 'temporary files', you can immediately find lots of junk superglued in there.

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Re: Off-topic assistance, please ?

Post by Michael J » Fri Dec 23, 2005 2:37 am

If using Internet Explorer later versions
go to the Tool bar ^^^ up top select "Tools"
-- Dropdown menu, last option - "Internet Options" -- under the General Tab middle of the
window "Temporary Internet files' section select
Settings try moving the Temp-Int-File to your desktop. That way you can delete the entire contents (Never the Folder) or just the cookies
anytime you want. If you delete the entire
content you will lose any temporary pages stored
for off line browsing, the History of your
travels should stay intact though.

I think there are applications that can do stuff
like this automatically, but not sure what they
are or if they cause more problems than they are
worth. If you set your security up very high and
don't allow cookies you masy run into trouble on
many sites also, they like their cookies.

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