pc communication

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pc communication

Post by chava » Wed Feb 04, 2004 4:07 am

Im trying to connect a microchips' PIC16f877a based circuit to my PC, but every time I activate the pic program, the PC stops to respond and I have to reboot it
1. the circuit is connected to the pc via microchips' picdem2 board (c6,c7 pins are for transmition) <p>2. I run the pic when the hyper terminal is active - and it works good. when the hyper terminal is not connected, the pc stops to respond the minute I press "debugger --> run "(in the mplab menue) <p>3. I once did activated the pic that way and I succeeded to make the communication but it was with a nother pic program <p>
do you have any clue what is the problem? <p>
Jukin Chava
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Jukin Chava<p>E.Dove Israel

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