digital speedometer

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Re: digital speedometer

Post by cato » Sat Feb 07, 2004 6:21 pm

Of course kilometers and miles are not the same thing....thats the whole point of the problem. But, in the temperature conversion problem there is a zero offset to deal with. In this case all the box wants to know is how many pulss for what numerical display...the box has no idea what actual distance is being traveled, all it know is how many pulses there are....0 pulses = 0 kph = 0 mph....there is no offset to deal with.....if you tell it 1000 pulses per second means it should display 100 then when it sees 500 pulse per second it will display 50. When it sees 2000 pulses per second it will display 200. It doesnt matter whether you are traveling 200 kph or 200 mph in order to generate the 2000 pulses per second.

garry kemp
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Re: digital speedometer

Post by garry kemp » Wed Feb 11, 2004 11:41 am

Thank you for all your suggestions on this "digital Speedometer" and as yet i have a lot of information from many of these reply's but still no closer to putting it on paper or PCB.<p>A HEX code is downloadable from the jaycars website but without being ignorant i have no idea how to alter this or how to re-code/re-type the code and still trying to find someone who understands PIC chips and there relevant codes as i am a novice.<p>I understand that i would still have to have my old "fluttering" speedo working as a method of mileage covered and i have tried another speedo cable and speedo clock but it was far worse with another clock so i presume the problem must lie in the gear box or it is possibly a common fault on the car.<p>The car speedo purchased from Jaycars only works in kilometers per hour, i did ask if they did a version that works in miles per hour and thats where they suggested i tried to find someone with knowledge of PIC chips and their codes.<p>I have decided that i do want a digital speedo (on either two or three seven segment displays) rather than the current one i have but it means trying to find details on speed sensors, clock circuits and mutiplexers and Oscillation circuits, I am not trying to rip something off I just want something that is more accurate than the one i have currently which is getting annoying.<p>Again i would like to say thank you to all who have participated and spared the time to suggest details to this enquiry and i look forward to any further advice or ideas anyone may have to helping me complete this goal.<p>Garry Kemp<p>[email protected]

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