DMM software for Windows XP

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DMM software for Windows XP

Post by techjohn » Fri Jul 01, 2005 12:41 pm

I have an old PC running Win98se in the shack since most HAM software wont run under XP. I would like to capture data in the field with my laptop running XP. Does anyone know where I can get XP software for a RadioShack 22-168 DMM?<p> TNX, John..............

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Re: DMM software for Windows XP

Post by kheston » Sat Jul 23, 2005 1:07 am

John,<p>Let me preface this by saying I know NOTHING about HAM software. However, I have tried to get old programs to work with newer hardware with some success.<p>I come at things from a programmer-nerd standpoint and often go where no person who values unwasted leisure time will go. But if you're up for the challenge, read on.<p>Here's what I'd try (in order of complexity):<p>1) spend $50 on eBay for another laptop from the Win98 era.<p>2) go dual-boot, the Win98se-specific drivers may be available for your laptop (dual-booting is its own hassle).<p>3) search for HAM software like yours that will run in XP with your hardware. Maybe you'll get lucky.<p>4) download Cygwin and compile a Linux/UNIX-specific solution (doesn't ALWAYS work) if you can find one. Cygwin is a Unix environment emulator that works in Windows.<p>5) Run Linux on a thread (inside windows) and try your program under WINE (windows emulator). Perhaps WINE will do a better job of managing the hardware abstraction layer than XP is doing and trick your software into working.<p>Here's some helpful links:<p>SourceForge - HAM stuff
Cygwin - Unix emulation within Windows
coLinux - Linux on a Windows thread<p>--Kurt
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Re: DMM software for Windows XP

Post by Bernius1 » Mon Aug 15, 2005 1:13 pm

XP has a 'program compatability' function under 'properties', which is supposed to allow Win95 & 98 software to run. But I think the glitches come from packeting the data at the ports, because custom app's don't always debug well. But I'm sure MS's sniffers will be glad to see that logo on your desktop. BTW, I was able to close port 5000 ( damned Upnp opens it even when the service is disabled, but I zapped it) , but what the HELL is keeping port 1025 open ? Not spyware, it's a svchost.exe, with 20 DLL's loaded , and I don't want to kill a good module.
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