Exceptional and Cheap ($30.00) Clock Radio

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Exceptional and Cheap ($30.00) Clock Radio

Post by WildBoar » Sun May 23, 2004 7:52 pm

A white bread and mayonnaise sandwich may fill
your stomach, but if given a choice you would
certainly not eat such an unappetizing pile of
goo!<p>For the most part clock radios are something
like white bread and mayonnaise sandwiches.
They wake you up to whatever station they're
set to and that's about it. Forget about sound
quality and easy viewing of the display. The
switches, dials, or knobs are usually poorly
designed junk that are very difficult to access,
particularly in a darkened bedroom!<p>Forum member josmith mentioned a clock radio
called the "Timex Nature Sounds."<p>I was looking for a clock radio with frequency
presets and a backup battery. I couldn't find
one that had both features. My local Target
had something called "Timex Nature Sounds",
but I was somewhat puzzled since it did not
come with presets. I found out that there is
more than one Timex Nature Sounds clock radio.
The one josmith was referring to is model #T309T.<p>For $29.99 you get a clock radio about the size
of a one pound coffee can. It has two speakers
that produce crisp, clear sound. The display is
large and easy to read. It has 18 presets and
a battery backup that actually keeps accurate
time. I pulled the plug for few hours. It kept
perfect time and didn't lose any of it's
programmed features. The actual location of the
buttons (switches) make it easy to control this
clock radio, even in a darkened room.<p>I guess I'm just amazed that anything can cost
$30.00 and be as thoughtfully designed as this
device obviously was.<p>Thank you josmith. Its rare to find such a gem
for the price of a few lunches at your local
mall!<p>WildBoar<p>[ May 23, 2004: Message edited by: WildBoar ]<p>[ May 23, 2004: Message edited by: WildBoar ]</p>

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