Can I get this type of RG6 Coax?

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Can I get this type of RG6 Coax?

Post by ShutterDown » Fri Aug 05, 2005 5:22 pm

I've been lucky, until now. Whenever I had to
run long lengths of RG59 or RG6 coax I could
always use some kind of clip, strap, or clamp
to hold the cable in place.<p>The problem I have now is running a long length
of coax with no obvious structure to support the
cable. I remember seeing a quad shield type of
RG6 in an old Belden catalog that had a molded
guy or support wire attached to the outer jacket
of the cable. All you had to do was screw in a
sturdy eye hook and wrap the steel support wire
around the hook. After rolling out the length of
cable you needed to span across an open space
you attached another eye hook and terminated the
cable. Since the guy wire relived all the stress
on the cable you could safely strip each end of
the cable and attach your "F" connectors.<p>I'm almost afraid to ask, but can I buy this type
of cable in relatively short lengths? I don't
need more than 250 ft. A 500 ft. roll would be

Robert Reed
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Re: Can I get this type of RG6 Coax?

Post by Robert Reed » Fri Aug 05, 2005 5:34 pm

Can't help you with this type of cable Shdn,as I have never run across it. But why not do what the cable and phone companys do? And that is to run a steel support wire (known as a messenger wire) ,attach RG cable periodically with nylon ties, pull it tight and anchor the messenger wire ends.

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Re: Can I get this type of RG6 Coax?

Post by cato » Sat Aug 06, 2005 6:39 am

Current: WIRE / CABLE : COAX

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Re: Can I get this type of RG6 Coax?

Post by ShutterDown » Sat Aug 06, 2005 8:21 pm

Thank you very much Robert and cato!<p>Many years ago I decided to run coax throughout
my parent's home. They were going pay someone
a small fortune to do the job. Since everything
electronic or electrical sent me into spasms of
joy I read several books about using coax,
splitters, directional taps, amplifiers. etc.
Snaking the stuff through walls and floors was
difficult, but way back then I could twist my body
into a pretzel and not even feel any muscle strain
the next day!<p>After friends, relatives, and business associates
of my dad's heard about or saw what I had done
I started to earn a little extra money on the
side setting up small CATV or MATV systems.<p>Anyway, I haven't done this sort of work in quite
awhile, but I did find a short length of this
coax with a messenger wire attached up in my
attic. I recently agreed to help a friend with
his cable problems. I knew I needed some of this
special coax, but I couldn't find any in the
local cable supply businesses in my area.<p>I started looking up at all the wires and cables
strung across the poles where I live. Sometimes
the messenger wire is wrapped in a spiral fashion
around a cable. Not a good idea with coax since
it could be crushed. I did think about using some
kind of very high quality cable tie or electrical
tape, as you suggested Robert, but I was afraid
it might deteriorate years before the cable itself
needed to be replaced.<p>Thanks again!<p>ShutterDown

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Re: Can I get this type of RG6 Coax?

Post by Edd » Sun Aug 07, 2005 1:51 am

You need to check out the local cable TV company installers. On runs that are not underground, that is the type of supported cable that they use from pole to house and in our towns case, that cable is a tandem ribbed trio . The stretcher wire one side and the rib co-joined coax pair adjacent to it. I stretch out a length and slice / divide the trio with a running knife blade to single units. Since those people don’t seem too accountable for coax, they seem to waste / discard a lot of it when they think that they might get short on a run near reels end. I have cumulatively found enough of those looong new remnants, in their dumpster, such that I haven’t needed to buy coax within the last 15 yrs.<p>73's de Edd
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Dean Huster
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Re: Can I get this type of RG6 Coax?

Post by Dean Huster » Tue Aug 09, 2005 5:24 am

There may be those of us who already own 10,000 feet of plain-Jane RG-6 or RG-59 and want to run a long overhead span using what we already have, maybe buying some cheap steel cable to support the run. To that end, I would not recommend using the nylon cable ties. Everytime I use those in an exterior application, they get brittle and break from the UV exposure. In this case, it might work better to just use some galvanized electric fence wire to secure the coax to the cable every so often by using some close wraps.<p>But the $0.25/ft solution for the real thing is pretty attractive otherwise!<p>Dean
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