looking for a schematic/hookup diagram

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looking for a schematic/hookup diagram

Post by mikeb » Sat May 08, 2004 5:18 pm

does any one have any information or a hookup diagram for the global specialties dpk-1 digital pulser. the unit is based around the mc14093b and comes in a kit form. i was able to purchase one of these kits at a very reduced price because it was less the schematic /hookup diagram in hopes id be able to track down some info on this unit over the net. i have tryed on several occasion to get this info from global but i have yet to get a response from them i guess this being a patented global item they are not so willing to part with a schematic. any help will be most appreciated.

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Re: looking for a schematic/hookup diagram

Post by Edd » Mon May 10, 2004 7:02 pm

Aaahaa: When I first read that I was thinking of the two part pulsers of electricians for tracing between different lines.
That simple/small unit that you have was probably made by their overwater producers of their simpler breadboard labs. I would expect it to just be a dupe of the circuitry used on their two units. With that 4093’s Schmitt design of gate only a feedback/biasing resistor from one output to one of its inputs with a selected capacitive component to ground and the other input being switched on for your pulsed output would be all that would be required to obtain a pulser.
Whether they then opted to follow that with use/combinations of the three spare gates for current buffering would have to be ascertained by an examination of the PCB interconnect. They could have even opted for a discrete bipolar output xstr. If you can’t fathom it by PCB trace reverse engineering for circuitry. You might shoot a photo/digi-photo of both sides of the PCB blank as well as a closeup of the components so that more help could be afforded.
Shoot….even lower tech…..just pop them on top of a Xerox machine and cover them with the white mat and take two to three shots and mark in any relevant color coding/ or values (of resistors ?) if necessary.. Then hit me at the LESS firewalled Comcast line for snail mail addee exchange.<p>73's de Edd
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