HP 6268A power supply small transformer need

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HP 6268A power supply small transformer need

Post by al » Sun Nov 10, 2002 11:56 pm

i need the small transformer part# 9100-2190 for an HP 6268A power supply. It has about 10 secondary connections mostly for control of the supply, it is NOT the main transformer. I can't find it anywhere or any source for it, any help appreciated.

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Re: HP 6268A power supply small transformer need

Post by bodgy » Mon Nov 11, 2002 1:49 am

If you want an HP part then HP spare parts at HP are the people to talk to - however I believe they still insist that you have an account with them and you must pay (if not a company) in advance.<p>I had to purchase a computer power supply from them on behalf of the company I once worked for - HP Australia did not keep spare packs for this particular model - they charged $129.00+P&P and it took 3 months for it to arrive from America.<p>colin
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Re: HP 6268A power supply small transformer need

Post by Dimbulb » Mon Nov 11, 2002 1:11 pm

Don't panic its a nice power supply worth while.
Focus on one output at a time.<p>The primary must be dead so not as easy however the board gives you the information.<p>Draw out the transformer and concentrate on just one secondary at a time. Startworking your way back from a known point, drawing out the scheme as you go and the more details you fill in the puzzle starts to take shape but remember to concentrate on one entity at a time for example an LM7805 can be looked up for pinout and the LM7905 could be associated and linked back.<p>Honestly I am horrible at repair but if you can find a 5 volt IC or regulators that you can trace back and through process of elimination you will discover them one at a time. Sometimes schematics are just not there or are too expensive. HP has made some very nice products and hopefully your
PS will run again.

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Re: HP 6268A power supply small transformer need

Post by Timothy Rasch » Sat Nov 16, 2002 10:11 pm

Hi you can try Tucker Electronics 18005274642. They used to sell parts for HP. Try Testequity
18005973457 too. Another hint is there could be a thermal fuse in the primary imbeded in transformer core. You will have to strip down the tape carefully on the primary side and look for the fuse [wider]wire connecting to the winding.
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