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Design Software

Post by greg123 » Sun Mar 02, 2003 4:07 pm

Anybody know of a schematic design software that can save in .gif or .jpeg formats? The programs i use do not and thus i cannot put my schematics on my web site. Or is a file conversion possible? I dont have a scanner. Thanks

Michael Vickers
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Re: Design Software

Post by Michael Vickers » Sun Mar 02, 2003 4:16 pm

Have you thought about using "Print Screen" screen captures, and pasting them into a photo editor where you can "Save As" a jpeg? Depending on the sizes of your designs, this may or may not be suitable.

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Re: Design Software

Post by VernGraner » Sun Mar 02, 2003 7:55 pm

It may also be possible to print your design to adobe acrobat and then post the .pdf file, that is, if you have acrobat distiller... :)
Vern Graner

Ron H
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Re: Design Software

Post by Ron H » Mon Mar 03, 2003 12:19 pm

SwitcherCAD III (click here) is a totally free, fully functional spice-based simulation package. Even if you don't want to run simulations, it has a good schematic capture utility. If you draw a schematic and then go to the Tools menu and select "Copy bitmap to Clipboard", you can paste into Microsoft Photo Editor and save as .gif, .jpg, or one of 4 additional choices. SWCAD also offers color choices for the various elements of the schematic (background, wires, components, etc.). Here is a schematic I drew and copied using this process:<p>click here for schematic
Hope this helps-<p>Ron<p>[ March 03, 2003: Message edited by: RonH ]</p>

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