Professional Front Panels

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Chris Smith
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Re: Professional Front Panels

Post by Chris Smith » Tue Mar 14, 2006 4:47 pm


Yes you actually can achieve a good vac seal/ laminate with a shop vac and a bag, or better, use a AC vac pump.

Thick vinyl bags [like a water bed] also provide a smooth surface pressure.

Shop vacs typically draw down about 4 to 7 psi neg difference, while the use of a AC pump goes the full 14.7.

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Re: Professional Front Panels

Post by peter-f » Thu Mar 16, 2006 5:02 am - look for item 82711, 82859 and similar...

Decal sheets for use with Ink-jet or laser-printers.

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Re: Professional Front Panels

Post by milestag » Fri Mar 24, 2006 7:02 am

Take a look at:

We use them for custom front panels at my work.
Jim Robertson
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Robert Reed
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Re: Professional Front Panels

Post by Robert Reed » Mon Mar 27, 2006 5:50 pm

Don't really have anything to add here, but I do like to see some sort of closure from people that start new posts. Thank you all for your inputs. I will experiment with all these and if I come up with something simple and bombproof, I will let you know.

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Post by cdenk » Sun Apr 02, 2006 4:16 pm

Several notes:
1: When using a clear coat on top of stick-on or other letters decals, etc., Careful of the 2 or 3 part materials like auto urethanes and epoxies, some will lift off the stick-ons.
2: Check The make both paint masks down to about 1/4" in many fonts, and prespaced vynyl letters (I think the can do logos and other artwork also) down to 1/8". Send them full size what you want, I have faxex, E-mail JPG, and BMP. The letters come as a group per your sample between 2 pieces of paper, peal off off one, and stick on squeegee and lift off top paper, all done.

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