tektronix scope probes

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tektronix scope probes

Post by kmagers » Sat Nov 09, 2002 10:07 pm

it is posible to fix the one major fault all of these sercome to a broken wire i recently got
a set of p6105's of ebay both worked at first but
a wiggle on one showed the wire broken right at the strain releaf going in to the compensator box
the cable will pull straight out i just cut the cable write were the break was the sleave can be pulled off the wire is crimped on if you pull it
out you will see it looks almost just like coax
striped back to expose the sheild and a white core with a hair thin wire i just cut up the side
of the crimp pried it apart then stripped the cut of good cable leaving the same amount of sheild exposed but with about 2 inches of the center wire exposed this sound's crazy but i used
a long hair from my wife folded in half to make a
loop to pass in the center of the pin on the connector folded the wire over on the end an pulled it thru pushed the cable in and recrimped
in just like new used a tiny drop of radioshack
silver solder to connect the wire trimmed it
put every thing back together just like new can't
tell buyers beware i have ben told first hand
from someone selling probes in ebay that he to does this the only way to tell is to compare lengths of the cable and by the way just for fun
i took the probe to a certificattion lab they could not tell iy had ben repaired :}

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Re: tektronix scope probes

Post by Dean Huster » Sun Nov 10, 2002 2:01 pm

You might be able to get away with short repairs near the end like that, but high-speed performance may suffer. If the probe is used below 50MHz, you may not see any increase in abberations on a fast pulse.<p>Be aware that the center conductor of any Tek probe, even an X1 probe is made of resistance wire. You can't just swap it out with any coax you find in your junkbox.<p>We used to repair Tek probes all the time, but then we (at Tek) decided that the labor in doing so was just too high, so started making probes non-repairable beyond simply swapping out pieces on the modular probes such as the P6100-series.<p>Dean
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