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Circuit help wanted

Posted: Sun Feb 16, 2003 8:14 pm
by TDE
I need help interfacing a single video camera to
a modem to send video over a telephone line and info on how to recover the digitized video on the
other end!
I basically need a A2D circuit to interface video
to the modem & a D2A to send the video to a standard video monitor! you can say, why not use
a computer on each end? but I would like to do this with the least amount of parts and as simple as possible---any suggestions!

Re: Circuit help wanted

Posted: Sun Feb 16, 2003 11:48 pm
by haklesup
If your talking about a video phone, even the pros didn't get that right until only the last few years and they had to design special purpose IC chips to implement it. Problem is bandwith, you need to compress the video quite a bit to get it through the wire. <p>Still photos would be easier, many new cell phones do it as standard options now but I think they take advantage of the digital nature of the cell networks.<p>If both ends of the conversation has a network connection, you may find more solutions. There are many ethernet based microcontroller cards you can buy and write your own firmware for. These boards are designed to be integrated into internet appliances, embedded systems and such.
Here is an example but by no means the only one (just the first I found) ... T-0152X-01 and ... e=60<p>You really will need a computer of some kind on both ends. It dosen't have to be a PC but a microcontroller at least would be needed.