Help figuring out PS for unusual Power Req.

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Help figuring out PS for unusual Power Req.

Post by QUINNQUIXOTE » Thu Nov 07, 2002 8:58 am

I am currently working on a little project that involves controlling vintage old display tubes (dekatrons and nixie's together) with a PIC. What I am trying to figure out is how to build an appropriate power supply to meet the voltages of the tubes and the PIC/CMOS voltages. Here are the power requirements:<p>170VDC @ 30mA (peak, probably want a little room on top of that)
350VDC @ 42mA (peak, usually much lower -> ~1.2mA)
5VDC @ 500mA? (not sure what I'll need for total Amps here -got the PIC handfull of CMOS chips and MANY MPSA44 transistors)<p>Anybody got some ideas how I can accomplish this without spending $1.4 million? Feel free to let me know if you think I'm crazy...but be warned my wife has already beat you to it :)

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Re: Help figuring out PS for unusual Power Req.

Post by bodgy » Thu Nov 07, 2002 1:05 pm

Actually that isn't as bad as it first seems!<p>Only the Anodes of the Nixie Tubes require the high voltage - the cathodes will be much much lower - depends on the actual Nixie part.<p>I'll hunt through my emails as someone on the EPE board needed this info some time ago.<p>If you do a Google search you'll find many projects using these including one bloke who has made a PIC based Nixie Tube wrist watch!<p>bodgy
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