PICAXE micro(s)= now industrial strength !

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PICAXE micro(s)= now industrial strength !

Post by manuka » Mon Aug 11, 2003 4:03 am

Penned a few lines here on the UK sourced Picaxe range some months back - shame they've not been yet run with in US/Canada, since a sensation in UK + Australia/NZ. Why ? DIRT CHEAP ( start ~ US$1.50 !)/powerful/versatile & DEAD EASY to program ( free editor) One outlet here mentions "demand has exceeded all possible predictions" , with educational users #1 buyers in fact! I've seen electronics students do more in a few hours with them than they'd previously managed in WEEKS, plus they remain enthusiastic & keen to really run with their own DIY PIC/Flash ideas. Now THAT'S a educators dream ...<p>Anyway - they're based around normal Microchip PICs (12F629 = the baby "08" ) & further releases now out ( billed as 18,28,40 A/X ) offer gob smacking power. Check Rev.Ed's UK site => www.picaxe.com & also Australian agent MicroZed => www.picaxe.com.au- he'll mail your orders Stateside OK !<p>[ August 11, 2003: Message edited by: manuka ]</p>

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