help with carbon arc lamp

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what in
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help with carbon arc lamp

Post by what in » Fri Jan 24, 2003 12:14 pm

i've built a carbon arc lamp using a 220v/20a circut that yeilds 140 amps at max load with a dc rectifier. this puts off alot of light but i need somthing that will illuminate 3-4000 square feet with no lenses or focusing device. Is this possoble? im using pure carbon rods and would like to stay away from the copper coated rods. i've seen pictures of vacume chambers used to get a higher burn temps. dose any body know some good technical info on this or sources i can look up? what is the best way to create and hold a 2-3 inch arc? what kind of voltage should i shoot for? ive also heard of rotating to get an even burn any help would be great. thanks alot!

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Re: help with carbon arc lamp

Post by dacflyer » Sat Jan 25, 2003 9:49 am

whats your porpose of this arc lamp ? just to light up a yard or something?<p>if so...i'd go with a 1,500 watt metal halide or mercury arc lamp....much cheaper to run...or even a 1,500 watt incadecent lamp if you want cheap cost....

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Re: help with carbon arc lamp

Post by Dimbulb » Sun Jan 26, 2003 8:22 pm
keep asking questions to the ones that have been in it a long time.

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