100vdc regulated power supply schematic Need

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100vdc regulated power supply schematic Need

Post by al » Tue Aug 06, 2002 8:14 am

i am building a power supply, need 100vdc 40mA regulated, i've used 100-0-100 transformer with bridge rectifier works good but transformer alone costs $30 which is too expensive. Used zener 100v regulator and not pleased. Quiet & regulated goal, it runs a custom tube AM receiver. I may try 75v secondary transformer with 1/2 wave. Any help appreciated.<p>Al

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Re: 100vdc regulated power supply schematic Need

Post by Edd » Thu Aug 08, 2002 12:50 am

If U find a transformer of that range to be too pricey. Do as I do and utilize back to back 6vac-12vac-24vac transformers of the appropriate total wattage needed. Also with consideration of the voltage of the coupled LV AC windings in the center, in case U wud want to use them for derivation of a lower voltage power supply in addition to the hv supply . On the hv end it cud be FWB'd for the lowest voltage or voltage doubled for higher voltage. Or even multiplied up a few more stages if current requirements were minumal or the threshold limits of the xformer insulation/isolation were not exceeded.<p>Data for a regulated / RFI quiet/ linear supply is on its way to you via separate E-mail.<p>73's de Edd
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Re: 100vdc regulated power supply schematic Need

Post by Ron H » Thu Aug 08, 2002 8:18 am

On the outside chance that Edd's solution doesn't meet your needs, you could adapt this design:<p>http://www.glass-ware.com/tubecircuits/ ... lator.html<p>For 100 volts output, change the sum of R2 and R3 from 295k to 95k, and lower the unregulated HV DC supply to around 130 volts.<p>Ron H

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