4G LTE Interference on OTA Antenna TV

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Re: 4G LTE Interference on OTA Antenna TV

Post by haklesup » Thu Jun 18, 2020 3:24 pm

Placing these antennas on top of the tallest nearby mountain or hill when there is one is SOP, it definitely improves line of sight for the microwave links and increases range and reduces multi path interference. The height of the mountain has nothing to do with the height of the antenna, that is determined by the signals it must transmit and the power etc.

If the tower were grounded, assuming the tower is the antenna, then the signal would be grounded and the antenna would not work. If the tower were strictly structural, then it probably would be grounded but I don't think the really tall TV antennas fall in that category, likely a cell tower but not UHF/VHF KW power stations. Its basically a huge monopole and one needs a ground plane for that to propagate the signal It does not need to be a big gap, just enough to prevent arcing.

There were multiple large Coax and one big waveguide (maybe ~6x4 inches), at least in my photographic memory, I need to dig to see any photos I may have taken last time I went up there. At least one of the microwave links is likely used to receive the low power signals that get amplified in the shack at the base.

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Re: 4G LTE Interference on OTA Antenna TV

Post by dyarker » Thu Jun 18, 2020 10:16 pm

Please read the posts before answering!

This discussion was about towers on insulators. Which means RF hot tower. A hot tower needs a spark gap for lightning protection without shorting the signal. My mention of spark gap a couple posts back was for hot tower, obviously a non-hot antenna support tower does not need a spark gap.

Yes, hot towers need a ground plane, and some support towers too. These would be invisible unless fairly close to the antenna. It is a copper wire on the ground around the base, another bare copper wire circling the tower at a distance (like outside the guy anchors), circles of wire in between and radial "spokes". All cross points connected.

Next time you see a post by me, read other posts first (like I said above), but instead of answering go somewhere else.

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