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Some questions met when designing PCBs

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2018 1:55 am
by Leo Hathaway
I've designed a kind of PCB now, but never put much thought into good practices. They were small boards and most of the emphasis was put into just making sure everything connected that needed to be connected.

I want to get more serious into making well designed boards currently. I've designed and redesigned my current project multiple times trying to come up with a good layout.

I wand to know what are the constraints for this type of PCB (laptop) and what rules I need to follow when (generally speaking) I make a layout ?

I have read some articles about PCB layout such as “Before You Create A PCB You Should Know”(enclose the link: ; “Guide to PCB Design” (enclose the link: ... rd-layout/); “Common Mistakes in PCB Design Beginners and Hobbyists” (enclose the link: ... ists-aware). Before I make it, I must to know it well.

After I read some materials about PCB, the problem I seem to run into the most is understanding an appropriate method of running power to each IC.

Hoping an efficient reply from experienced people. Thank you in advance.

Re: Some questions met when designing PCBs

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2018 3:25 pm
by haklesup
From a practical standpoint, it often boils down to what are the design rules as set by the place you are going to have them built. Knowing your vendor, their pricing rules and what design rules go with what prices will help you buy at a reasonable price. and setting the right design rules for the DRC in your CAD program will ensure you don't break those rules when you design it.

For hobbyists, you want to look for prototype pricing that will give you the lowest cost for low quantity without setup charges. That will mean you have the most restrictive rules but if you aren't designing for tiny devices, them you are probably in that rule set anyway. Typically this will be 7mil/7mil min trace/space, soldermask and silkscreen included, limited surface plating options, other limitations you will learn when you shop.

Check out these magazines, (check out the link to hitchhikers guide to PCB design on this one)

Re: Some questions met when designing PCBs

Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 12:43 am
by Leo Hathaway
Thank you for your advice, it helps me a lot. :cool: