USB-C, 100 watts?

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USB-C, 100 watts?

Post by solar3000 » Fri Oct 19, 2018 8:42 am

I've been reading about how USB-C can transfer 100 watts. But no one seems to know how.
Not at five volts or else the copper would have to be an inch thick.

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Re: USB-C, 100 watts?

Post by Externet » Fri Oct 19, 2018 9:22 am

USB is universal serial bus (and upper side band). A data connection. Paired with supply for convenience.
You can build a USB cable with AWG14? copper conductors to provide 20 Amperes for supply. For what device as source ? A USB source is not meant to provide power, it is meant for serial data communication, The power is a convenience added for items that may need it. The degeneration of using USB connections for powering something is an aberration of its purpose.

To supply power ? Use a power cord. With proper connectors, not wimpy 'C' type.

My printer does not use nor supply DC on its USB connector. Only data is present.
My phone does not supply USB data on the USB connector. Only accepts power.
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Re: USB-C, 100 watts?

Post by haklesup » Fri Oct 19, 2018 12:00 pm

What I found seems to be mainly press releases some a few years ago

This was the most recent citation I could find,2817,2478121,00.asp

I'm still looking for an actual technical spec for a cable or connector that says this capability was ever implemented or what it might be used for ( a very loud Speaker system perhaps). I did find one spec for USB-PD that has 20V and 5A and that seems to mark the 100W operating point. 3A and 1.5A specs at 5V will be more typical for high power applications. ... ec-688558/

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