Constructive criticism needed for a DIY A.V.R.

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Constructive criticism needed for a DIY A.V.R.

Post by WCE4 » Sat Feb 24, 2018 10:55 am

:? I am trying build a AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) for a Revolving Field,Self-Ventilated, Open Protected Type Synchronous Generator. The generator is a 25 KVA (20 KW), 60 Hz, 1,800 RPM, three phase,240/480 volts Star with a neutral synchronous generator that is wired up as a single phase zig-zag 240/120V output. ( Some back ground info about me. I'm a Seabee Vet that was a CE1 in the Navy. I used to work on this type of generator when they used relays to control the excitation current. I hold two state master electrician license, Ham radio license (KE4WCE) and I also have some experience in using and programing the PIC and the Arduino Uno/AVR micro controllers.) In this project I am using a AVR micro controller. My question are as follows. (Please see attach file #AVR-00240-1 and thank you in advance for any help with this project it is for a fellow vet.)

#1 Is it a good idea to use diode D2, to protect T1 a IRFP460 MOSFET transistor for reverse current flow from the field winding's or am I just wasting money and PCB space.

#2 Should the rating for the blocking diode D3 be base on the voltage of the generator supply field voltage (69vac R.M.S. / 98.98 peak voltage) or the battery voltage (13.8 vdc lead acid battery) used to flash the field. ( In my opinion it should be rated for the generator supply field voltage)

#3 Please have a look at file # AVR-00240-2 and recommend any improvements to the voltage sensing circuit that I have.

#4 Does anyone know of or have a proven circuit that I can use to build a AVR for this type of generator (It would save a lot of time, trial and error on my part (not that I mine it, I love the challenge) but to get this generator up and running as soon as possible and as cheap as possible for a fellow Vet who lives off line and has a limited income.

Thanks Again
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