i need some more Unobtainum...

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Re: i need some more Unobtainum...

Post by dacflyer » Mon Jan 29, 2018 12:13 pm

well that didn't do any good,, the unit still stops responding,,
if i disconnect the battery, and then reattach, the unit starts working again.. but stops again after a while..

i think i'll use that link now for ordering that RX3310A chip..
the other links that are posted.. looks like same chip, but the numbers are not correct..

thaklesup>> said... Can I assume that since the chip is an RF receiver, the display lights up but just shows an empty reading all the time? CORRECT,,,

the display is LCD, but it flashes 5% and full bars when it does not get a signal from the receiver unit.. starts flashing at 20% when low on gas,, ( normal ) above 20% display is steady..

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