Transmitting HDMI...

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Transmitting HDMI...

Post by Externet » Sat Sep 09, 2017 4:46 pm

Hi all.
Am after a gadget with HDMI input and WiFi streaming output. No computers involved, no routers, no internet, no remote controls.
What do you suggest ?

My television receiver has HDMI output; distant TVs in other rooms of the house have WiFi receiving capability.

A plug and play transmitting 'dongle' powered by 5V would be perfect, so the receiver USB port could also feed power to it. If a TV has no WiFi reception capability; another dongle which I saw on the market should work for that, doing the Wifi to HDMI.

Considerations I should be aware of ?
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Re: Transmitting HDMI...

Post by haklesup » Tue Sep 19, 2017 1:08 pm

Get a slingbox, its the easiest way but it streams to the internet so you can watch it on many different kinds of devices, the app can control your TV and cable box remotely. I love my slingbox, I used it to watch my TV in a Korean Hotel room just last week when my cable streaming apps were all blocked. Connected HDMI from my laptop to the hotel TV and Viola! More research is needed to confirm it will work on WiFi Direct without internet, maybe just call them and ask, I suspect it will on a home network.

There are plenty of ways to get Wifi to HDMI but HDMI to plain WiFi might violate the DMCA unless the copyright encoding were preserved when applicable. Since OTA and cable TV programs are generally not licensed for Rebroadcast (even if the program content is public domain), this may be legally prohibited. For example I can do this with my Xfinity app (watch my TV on my phone) but I need to sign into an otherwise paid and licensed account to do it. Last year I could only do it on my home network, now I can do it anywhere with internet. They must have worked out the licensing in the meantime.

When I tried to use screen mirroring to project my xfinity streaming app to a TV monitor, the app blanked out with a message that said this was not allowed and I could only watch this content on my mobile device. So even the apps are colluding to restrict access. I can do it with a cable from a laptop though.

Maybe you can find something in an offshore market. I would guess the hardware would not be hard to develop so there must be a legal reason these things are unobtanium.

HDMI decoders are cheap but apparently HDMI Encoders are not. Wireless HDMI repeaters appear to use WiFi like frequencies or higher but not WiFi itself, they often cost more than slingbox anyway

( ... yright_Act ).

With some exceptions. If you owned a Samsung newer TV and phone, there are some built in TV to Mobile WiFi Direct support built in.

worse comes to worse, you can point an IP camera at your TV and watch that.

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