No keyboard, no display, no Windows...

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No keyboard, no display, no Windows...

Post by Externet » Mon Jul 31, 2017 1:31 pm

Circa 1970. What were these indicators, knobs, lamps, buttons and dials doing/telling ?

----> ... 8-1024.jpg

At 17, studied DOS/TOS(Tape operative system)/Cobol for one of those System 360/30. When finished, another model System 3 was the trend, with RPG II (Report program generator). Start learning again... it never ended. As obsolete out of the factory as today. That has not changed.
A couple of years later, I was into programming RPG II for Datapoint.
----> ... 2_orig.jpg
Which did not survive much longer... but hey! TOS was on dual cassette tape drives (seen on top) instead of the armoirs, had keyboard and display !
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