CFL vs. LED Light Bulbs

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Re: CFL vs. LED Light Bulbs

Post by dacflyer » Fri Aug 25, 2017 5:58 am

i have one of them tubular 40 Watt bulbs in my headboard of my bed...i have had the headboard for about 20 yrs now and have yet to change it..
the glass stem inside of the bulb had distorted / melted from the heat..and it still works..
the 1st month i had to make a aluminum foil heat shield, because the heat was starting to toast the fake wood paneling on top of the headboard.
i also had put a touch lamp module on the bed, because it was too hard to reach up and turn the light on or off... bad part, if the power blinks, or there is an outage, the light turns on 1 level ( 3 levels total, L, M , H )

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