Need Appliance Service PDF or Something Similar

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Need Appliance Service PDF or Something Similar

Post by fine-tune » Sat Sep 24, 2016 12:30 am

Guys, I know this is not really a subject for Nuts & Volts. I've posted on two appliance repair forums with no replies.
These forums have dozens of service technicians as members. I should have been swamped with replies.

16 months ago my sister purchased a new refrigerator. After a few weeks there were problems. Fortunately, she had
purchased a reliable extended warranty that covered everything.

Whirlpool Model: WRF560SMYM04

It's a side-by-side stainless refrigerator with a freezer drawer below. She doesn't use or need the ice maker. It's on
the left-hand side toward the rear of the freezer drawer. Frozen items are colliding with the ice maker, so she asked
me to remove the darn thing. Two screws secure the ice maker, but it's impossible to access those screws. The upper
tray in the freezer drawer slides on rails. The tray must be removed, so I can reach those screws.

I googled about this model, and found nothing. You can download the owners manual from Whirlpool, but we already
have a printed copy.

I don't know why there was no response from service technicians at those appliance repair forums. You would think
removing an ice maker would be simple for professionals.

The plastic in this Whirlpool refrigerator will crack easily if I try to remove that upper freezer tray without knowing
the correct procedure. It would be great to find a PDF manual. A few decent images or diagrams is all I really need.

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Re: Need Appliance Service PDF or Something Similar

Post by Externet » Sat Sep 24, 2016 5:25 pm

Hi fine-tune.

Reposting from memory... Pissed off as N&V lost my elaborated response, requesting me to login AGAIN :x :x :x
Confirm you have a correct model number
Check if these work for you :

Should be the reverse of installing :

----> ... 181913.pdf


---> ... cal&ia=web

Freezer shelves usually come out by tilting up and separating from the wall; should be in the owner manual.
ALL my refrigerators have had its icemaker disemboweled and discarded since day one. They are just problems.
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Re: Need Appliance Service PDF or Something Similar

Post by fine-tune » Mon Sep 26, 2016 7:21 pm

Thank you Miguel.

The upper sliding shelf (it's really a big tray) has an ice bin that lifts out easily. However, the shelf cannot be tilted up
and out. There is a center tongue & groove rail. The shelf slides on that rail. The only was to slide that shelf off the
rail is to remove the entire freezer drawer front.

There are four screws attaching the freezer drawer front. The owners manual strongly suggests that this is a two person
job. I know why! When you loosen those screws the freezer drawer front will begin to sag, possibly damaging the plastic.

I could use some scrap wood in my shop and make a primitive cradle for the freezer drawer front. Then I could safely
loosen the screws without assistance.

Removing the ice maker in this model is a real pain in the neck! Maybe that's why I didn't receive any replies on those
appliance repair forums.

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Re: Need Appliance Service PDF or Something Similar

Post by haklesup » Wed Sep 28, 2016 12:34 pm

I'ver always been able to find what I need at the website. The icemaker in extranet's first link has the appearance of mine. Aside from the shelf issue, it comes out with 2 or 3 screws and one plug. I removed mine for a time because the solenoid valve kept burning out (4 in a row) until I found an alternate version on ebay and put it back.

All I needed to do is remove it. Older models you may have needed to replace it with a timer module or the self defrost would stop working.

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