Does anyone have a favorite?

This is the place for any magazine-related discussions that don't fit in any of the column discussion boards below.
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Does anyone have a favorite?

Post by ElectroMan » Sun Jul 31, 2016 11:17 am

Remember Popular Electronics?

Radio Electronics with Jack Darr.

How does Nuts & Volts compare??


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Re: Does anyone have a favorite?

Post by Lenp » Sun Jul 31, 2016 8:18 pm

Hi, and welcome to this eclectic electric gathering!
Yes, all those mags were cornerstones of knowledge for myself and countless others.
Today, this field has changed so drastically that getting articles into print that will appeal to everyone must be near impossible. Today's complex blend of technology makes it hard, for a new to the business person, to get started.
In a purely computer arena, things like reactance and ohms law are not discussed, and in the prosaic electronic arena a for-next-loop will get strange stares.

So here we are, some place between the two trying to get the ends together. Nuts & Volts makes a valient attempt to.merge it together and as a long time subscriber, I still continue to learn.
A newcomer will learn, and the sage will be enlightened

Some articles are over the top with narrow interest, complex designs and sometimes expensive components. It serves a purpose but not much value to someone just getting started. Years ago there were tutorials on components, like the venerable 555 timer. Old hat to many but inspiration to a neophyte.

I have said this before, but this forum has also changed over the years and I think a 'plug from the print' would help bolster the activity and collective knowledge greatly.

So the short answer is...I still subscribe!

“To invent, you need a good imagination and a big pile of junk.” (T. Edison)
"I must be on the way to success since I already have the junk". (Me)

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