Where to buy vintage multilayer MY103P 50V capacitors?

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Where to buy vintage multilayer MY103P 50V capacitors?

Post by Questor » Sun Dec 06, 2015 7:40 pm

I own an older Pioneer SX-3700 stereo receiver that has a blown ceramic disc capacitor used for audio input. Where can I buy a few of these correct "M Y 103P" replacement capacitors? I searched the Internet for a 50V 103P or MY103P capacitors and none were found through Search Engines or major electronics suppliers. I prefer not to buy a broken stereo receiver to search for a single small capacitor!

The blown capacitor is a multilayer "M Y 103P" 50V (?ceramic?) disc capacitor, encased in blue vinyl, 19mm diameter, with 2 wire leads. No OEM manufacturer name of the capacitor is printed on the capacitor.

The OEM Service Manual & Schematics for the SX-3700 Stereo Receiver only list the OEM part number with no specs or further info.

Any suggestions where I could buy the correct "M Y 103P" part replacements would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance, Steve

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