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Re: Batteriser

Post by MrAl » Fri Jun 05, 2015 7:30 am


This is starting to look like a bust, but there may be some applications that can benefit. It's going to be very hard to say for the ones that actually do drop out at 1.3 volts. The company ad campaign is totally BS though, as they are claiming 800 percent increase for devices that cut out at 1.3 volts, and that just isnt true looking at data sheets for AA batteries. It's closer to 300 percent at best, if the device works really well to begin with, and is probably closer to 200 percent depending on the device current draw. But again this will be for a very limited number of devices, while the ad campaign claims indirectly that it will work for every device. They state that, "Every battery you have ever thrown away wasted 80 percent of it's energy", or something like that, but they do say "Every battery", which is just very untrue to say the least.

Jones brings up the extra point of the product makes the device's internal battery monitor ineffective because the voltage wont drop until the very end at which time it will drop off too fast to notice the battery monitor.
He also mentions the possible physical size problem, as well as the inferior mechanical design. The mechanical design can easily short out some batteries making it dangerous for those types of batteries.

Since the physical size was always questionable, if the length gets longer i have to add that it could ruin the battery contacts for some devices because it will spread them more than they usually are, so they might not work well anymore without the extra product installed.

So overall it doesnt look good for the product. However, some products gain momentum these days not on their ability to function properly, but on their social aspects such as one person telling another person they should get one. The initial sales would be higher then but then drop off until there are hardly any more users.

I'd be happier if i had one to test myself, but it really doesnt look good for this product so far.
You could tell Dave Jones is totally against it for the most part, and the tests on devices he tested showed that NONE of the devices stopped working until they got down to 1.1 volts or less. This makes the Battery thing almost useless. He also points out that with some devices it might actually make the battery run down faster.
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Re: Batteriser

Post by Lenp » Sat Jun 06, 2015 12:35 am

You have to invent the problem so you can sell the solution!

“To invent, you need a good imagination and a big pile of junk.” (T. Edison)
"I must be on the way to success since I already have the junk". (Me)

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