auto transfer box for generator

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auto transfer box for generator

Post by frhrwa » Sun Mar 08, 2015 5:36 pm

ok.. here's the layout,... I have a 400amp meter box on my house, because I installed two 200 amp breaker boxes.. not using anywhere near that many amps, I installed two breaker boxes because I hate having so many outlets, switches, and so on, on one breaker.. so, I split up all of the circuits to avoid any overloads.. like plugging in the toaster and turning on the microwave, or... you most likely understand what I'm saying.. now, I bought a generac generator that came with a 200 amp auto transfer box.. the two legs of 110 that come in from the 400 amp meter box are just larger posts to allow two cables on each leg.. one going to each of the breaker boxes for one side and the other leg going to the other leg in the two breaker boxes.. such making each leg common.. rather than buying a 400 amp auto transfer box that is going to since power loss and start the generator, why can't I install 2 200 amp auto transfer boxes.. they both will sense the loss of power simultaneoulsy .. I'm not worried about code, I'm doing this myself and so many codes are totally ridiculous.. I can make one of the auto transfer boxes do the auto start and disable the sense lead on the other so as to actually work out to be a 400 amp auto transfer box but in two boxes rather than one.. does this make sense to anyone? 400 amp auto transfer boxes are $2700... 200 amp auto transfer boxes are $600..
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Re: auto transfer box for generator

Post by dyarker » Mon Mar 09, 2015 5:19 am

The codes are not ridiculous. They were written after one, or more, deadly tragedies to try to eliminate hazards. Sorry, but offering advise might be considered illegal, especially if someone gets hurt. Also, you are probably voiding your homeowner's insurance.
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