Arduino Board with Parallax Multi-Processor Chip?

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Arduino Board with Parallax Multi-Processor Chip?

Post by randomvibe » Wed Apr 23, 2014 2:20 pm

Arduino is more than a business, it's a worldwide movement dedicated to education, electronics, programming, making... for everyone. In doing so, Arduino has proven that it's not married to a single chip manufacturer. Mainly ATMEL but now Atheros and TI. Why not design a board for Parallax semiconductors, specifically the upcoming Propeller 2, a multi-processor chip (16 cores) with onboard 13-bit ADC, up to 64! The specs are impressive (subject to change) - chip due later this year hopefully. If you think this is a good idea, please chime in here: ... c=234655.0

Propeller-2 Specs:
* 32-bit Multi-Processor (16 Core) Module
* HD 1080p Video
* Programmable in GCC
* 200 Mhz Clock Speed
* 512 KB RAM
* TBD KB RAM for Program Storage
* 64 I/O Pins
* Up to 64 ADC (13-bit Resolution)
* USART, PWM, I2C, SPI done in Software enabling numerous peripherals beyond traditional hardware approach.

This is an excellent opportunity to educate Maker's in multi-processor devices and the manufacturing process behind microcontrollers! Arguably, Parallax started this Maker movement. Arguably without Parallax, there would not have been Arduino. And without Arduino, Parallax would not have implement C programming. I think an Arduino board with a Propeller-2 chip would make an excellent product. Frankly, I'd prefer this over the Arduino Tre.

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