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Need money ?

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2012 10:01 am
by Externet
Copied from somewhere in the web...


Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prize – PAR38 Halogen Lamp Replacement: The LED replacement lamp must:

• produce >1,350 lumens;
• draw <11W;
• operate at >123 lumens/W;
• have >90 CRI and 2750-3000K CCT;
• provide a minimum 25,000-hour service life (based on 70% lumen maintenance);
• provide a light distribution pattern similar to a PAR38 halogen lamp;
• offer a size and shape that fits within the maximum dimensions of a PAR38 halogen lamp;
• use a single-contact medium screw socket; and
• be capable of “mass production for a competitive sales commercial market satisfied by producing commercial accepted quality control lots of such units equal to or exceeding the criteria [described above].”

The cash prize for this award is $5 million. Once a winner is selected, the Federal Government will begin purchasing it or equivalents as a replacement for PAR 38 halogen lamps in all Federal Government buildings within five years after the award is made.


Twenty-First Century Lamp Prize: A “Twenty-First Century Lamp Prize” is available to be awarded to a U.S. entrant that produces a solid-state lighting product capable of:

• >1200 lumens of light output;
• >150 lumens/W efficacy;
• >90 CRI and 2800-3000K CCT; and
• >25,000-hour service life.

The prize is $5 million.