18 Led's powered by 12vdc

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Re: 18 Led's powered by 12vdc

Post by jollyrgr » Fri Jan 21, 2005 9:54 pm

The failure of LEDs is pretty rare in my experience (except when I've been playing around and messed them up). I have two clock radios with LED displays that have been running for close to 20 years each. Another clock radio has been in my parents' kitchen since I installed it (under cabinet type) for them in 1990. While each digit changes the two LED colons separating the hours and minutes have been on "constantly". They have not failed. The digits are multiplexed (i.e. not always on) and can last thousands upon thousands of hours. <p>The life of the LED has to do with HEAT. Driving an LED at a MAX brightness (high heat) will shorten its life. Driving it at half that brightness 24/7 and it may outlast OUR lifetimes.
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