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Re: line level signal?

Posted: Sun May 17, 2009 2:18 am
by MrAl
Hi again Robert,

I guess i am just so used to making these kinds of design processes into formulas. Another
reason i do this is because i created a function calculator a while back that does the
math automatically. This takes some fun out of it however :smile:

For example, for the little 'rule' we have been talking about i would enter this into
the function calculator text window:


and then i would highlight that text an click "In Place Eval" to evaluate those lines, and then
the answer:


would pop up in the Output Window.

Of course with a calculator like this i could also add a line to switch to C in uf instead of Farads:


and the answer comes out to:

after that eval.

The real beauty, or at least so i think, is that this entire text window can be saved to a file
such as:


and can then be opened again anytime later just like any text file and the formula can be
run again and again.

I designed that calculator after getting frustrated with the free web calculators i had found
that just didnt quite do what i wanted them to do. Since then i have used it for many times
and have countless files now for calculating all kinds of stuff.

The main advantage for me is that i dont have to remember the formulas in my head anymore...
just open the file with the appropriate name(s).

BTW the calculator program is free for anyone to use for any length of time no matter what
they use it for. I wrote it mainly for myself but realized other people might want to do the
same thing and the other calculators dont seem to work the same way, so i decided to share
it with the public.

For those who program, the calculator is also set up as an API of sorts, or similar to a 'service'
in that it can be called from other programs written in several languages and it will do just
about any calculation you can imagine. My latest version even solves differential equations.

Re: line level signal?

Posted: Sun May 17, 2009 8:15 am
by Robert Reed
Sounds interesting - would I find this on your website?
As an aside, what this particular post involves is low audio frequencys and quite simple to work with, but a lot of my work takes me well up into the VHF range and beyond. Although I use a bank of calculations to get where I want to be, even the most accurrate become just an approximation in the real world as at these frequencies the board and its layout become the dominating factors in reactance values. Just try winding a 27 Nano Henry inductor accurrately and you will know what I mean. Small resonating capacitors are even worse as stray and parasitic capacitance is every where and difficult to predict. In these types of design, variable elements are almost mandatory. But none the less some accurate math still is needed for a starting point.

Re: line level signal?

Posted: Sun May 17, 2009 9:13 am
by CeaSaR
I, too, would like to see what you have come up with Mr.Al, but AOL
has shut down Hometown. If you get your website back up somewhere,
please let us know.


Re: line level signal?

Posted: Sun May 17, 2009 8:06 pm
by MrAl
Hi again,

Here is a link to version 1.03 that is on the web already.
If you like that version and want the newer one, i can email it to you.