Spam counteragent?

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L. Daniel Rosa
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Spam counteragent?

Post by L. Daniel Rosa » Sat Mar 28, 2009 9:15 am

I'm getting pretty fed up with this stuff. It's polluting forums and filling my mailbox. The legal system doesn't have the time for this frivolous stuff, and the damage is done too fast and is to hard to track down the victims. I guess I'm asking two questions:

Is there someone with the know how but not the funding to track these jerks down in cyberspace and guarantee economic ruin through software means? Maybe send a $2 paypal contribution to the pizza fund along with a copy of the offending email. A quick run through some filters will show which of the 20,000 emails come from the most annoying person and suddenly that jerk's (insert computer related asset) is frozen or revoked.

Is there someone who doesn't mind the possibility of repercussions for enforcing street law for such flagrant lack of manners? Perhaps the same filtering method as above, but instead of a pizza fund it would be a steak fund. Job assignment: Find the jerk and make him physically uncomfortable. Perhaps some rude interrogation as well.

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Re: Spam counteragent?

Post by Bigglez » Sat Mar 28, 2009 5:43 pm

L. Daniel Rosa wrote:I'm getting pretty fed up with this stuff. It's polluting forums and filling my mailbox.
Why not act like a grown up and ignore it?

The reward for the vandals that cause this traffic is attention.
It costs you (and anyone else for that matter) nothing to ignore

If you let this nosense get to you, it will ruin your day.

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Re: Spam counteragent?

Post by Externet » Sat Mar 28, 2009 6:56 pm

Hello Daniel

Spammer pigs make money, that is why stay doing it; and when termination action is taken on their source, just open another source to keep their disgusting activity.

The four things I find more repulsive are the
1-email intrusion; that can be somehow managed by carefully not exposing/publishing your address; but is mostly too late and you need to get a fresh new one and notify all your contacts. It will be a breeze after !

2- Advertising, with all those jumping monkeys on screen that delay loading what you want until they finish their routine. I cured that with Flash Blocker. I get a blank square where the clowns should show up.

3- Pop-ups, spyware and viruses... they take over your available bandwidth to report your actions making it all slow. Cured that with Linux. Took me a long time to get used to another computing planet but am really pleased; it's been 3 years since the migration.

4- Antivirus software running in the background. Snail paced everything. Cured with Linux

Your situation now, I had it 3 years ago, and am not going back. I do not do windows. Perhaps my compfuser habits/activity are too simple for others; works for me; but consider actions on these lines before you start living with a jar of Tums next to your keyboard.
Never click on "free smilies" and crap like that.

"Never wrestle with a pig; you will only end all dirty and the pig will have enjoyed it" :grin:

Miguel, the standard bearer of compfuser idiots.
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