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Opinion about Probotix CNC Machines

Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2009 2:48 pm
by la9
I tried to order a machine, paid for it, waited 17 days and nothing, updates or emails. I asked what the problem was and my order was cancelled and my money refunded. I try not to say bad things but I don't think they can supply what they claim and since the article was in this magazine I thought I'd let everyone know thinking about ordering one.

Also the owner in a public forum deleted my posts about not being able to deliver and called me names just for asking about the status of my order.

I'd recommend staying away but if you order anyway I hope your experience is different than mine.

Re: Opinion about Probotix CNC Machines

Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2009 4:08 pm
by haklesup
So do you think they canceled the order because you flamed them on their forum or do you think they had manufacturing problems that made it impossible for them to deliver? Either way its not very good. This economy has made for some difficult times for small OEMs. Orders in Dec and Jan are often screwed up by either Christmas/New Years or Chinese New Year (can't get parts from China for almost 2 weeks at the end of Jan.)

Note the announcement at the top of their home page:
Please note that Holiday demand has run us out of stock on ALL motors, except for the blue motors. We will have them back in stock on the 16th of February. We will begin accepting orders for motors and motor/driver kits again on the 12th.
Maybe your order required these motors. They shouldn't bill your credit card until shipping anyway. Are you sure its canceled or maybe they just refunded your payment until they can ship (still a bit unusual). It might not have been personal but a sloppy decision by sales and manufacturing to cope with a shortfall of stock. They may have too many customers for a web sales staff to give personal attention. Communication is apparently poor but it looks like they hope you will re order after Feb 16.

I sure hope you leave other posts and threads that aren't just complaints. There sure is a dearth of accolades on the web, people only seem to log in to complain. (not saying your post was inappropriate, just a comment from me)

Re: Opinion about Probotix CNC Machines

Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2009 7:48 pm
by la9
I asked the question about my order, they said it takes at least 2 weeks for a machine, do you see that stated anywhere on the website ? They said there were still 9 in front of me and would get it out when they could. An hour and a half later they sent an invoice cancelling my order.

As far as your message, everything was in stock at the time I ordered.

I'm not here to complain but this is complete BS what happened to me.

As far as my order, Len has said and this is a quote

"I would totally believe the "troll alert", but he did pay for a machine, so
now I think he is just someone who wants to be a trouble maker.Frankly, I am not going to put my blood and sweat into a product to sell to
someone like that. You are right, I don't have patience for him. His very
entry into my world was at the wrong angle."

Yep sounds like I should reorder doesn't it ? He isn't going to sell to someone like me, which could also be considered racist.

Re: Opinion about Probotix CNC Machines

Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2009 7:56 pm
by la9
All I'm saying is order at your own risk.

Also anything I said on the forum was removed by Len the owner, but yet he continues to say things about me without me being able to respond. If you agree with him you can post otherwise you are out of luck.

If you can deliver a product you certainly wouldn't feel threatened to leave any posts about a problem on a forum would you ? Why start calling a customer a Troll, troublemaker or ask if I'm flaming a forum for ? It's always easy to point the finger, seems like it would have been easier to work things out.

I also got another email from him saying everything I did was wrong.
I sent the people over $1000 and ask when I'd get my order.
If that's wrong then I don't know what.

On the other hand I have talked to John and he is pretty decent person, he designed and handled things before Len took over, maybe the accolades were from when he was runnning things.

Re: Opinion about Probotix CNC Machines

Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 10:51 am
by haklesup
Well, if all you did was ask once or twice politely then that kind of response was way out of line. However, my gut tells me there was more than just one or two generic inquiries about lead time to get that kind of reply. Do you think maybe you came off as irritated or angry while talking with them? 2 weeks is not out of line to deliver a completed system, I didn't study the site to determine lead times, does it say "In Stock, Immediate delivery" anywhere either. If you had a deadline, you should have ascertained lead time before ordering, websites are rarely if ever updated with that type of information current. I suspect the present notice was added in response to the problems you got caught in the middle of.

Did someone else call you a troll and he is responding to that? He clearly does not understand that "the customer is always right". Evidently, he has a low tolerance for dissent and enough sales to not worry about loosing one. In the absence of an explanation, I think you may be right in assuming the cancellation was punitive.

In any case, I'd ignore him, don't watch his forum and give your money to someone else. $1,000 is not worth your aggravation either. If you continue to feud with him, that's your choice. You are within your rights to make a BBB report if you strongly feel you were wronged. I would be careful if you plan on making any remarks stronger than these in a public forum though.

Re: Opinion about Probotix CNC Machines

Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 11:12 am
by philba
A lot of possibilities spring up from this but from what I've seen so far, I'd guess that you tend to have a combative style that may have been read as complaining. I'd guess the outfit is a one man shop, probably doing it because he likes it. So, if it were me, there was a reasonable backorder and some guy was complaining about delivery times, I'd probably refund his money and move on to the next guy on the list.

It's not clear what you want. The machine to magically appear? Not likely. To be put at the head of the queue? not reasonable. A discounted or free machine? uh, don't think so. At the point he refunded your money, you guys were even. Maybe it was bad service. However, it sounds like you are now on a vendetta. Maybe it's time to move on - got better things to do with your time?

Re: Opinion about Probotix CNC Machines

Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 1:51 pm
by Chupa
If the information provided by the company is wrong, he has all the reason to be upset. He says the website said the product was ready to ship immediately, after not hearing anything after 2 weeks I would be upset too. It doesn't matter to the company is a 1 man shop or huge production, if you say your going to deliver something, goods, services or otherwise, it should be done to the exact specifications that someone paid you to do it. Forum posting is an after the fact part of this story imo.

Anyway... that kind of sucks because I had my heart set on a v90. Is there any alternative out there for around the same price?

Re: Opinion about Probotix CNC Machines

Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 3:02 pm
by la9
Like I said I'm not here to complain so this is my final statement on the subject.

I do like the idea of having a combative buying style, how original.

The choice is yours, I have told you my experience, do what you want.

There will probably be far more posts, because there they seem to have a bunch of family members post to discredit anyone with a problem. All they want to do is point out the problem with the customer instead of supplying a product.

And the quote is from LEN himself not another poster. Tell me who has the Vendetta ?

Re: Opinion about Probotix CNC Machines

Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 4:18 pm
by Bigglez
la9 wrote:I tried to order a machine, paid for it, waited 17 days and nothing, updates or emails. I asked what the problem was and my order was cancelled and my money refunded.
I have read your posts and the other comments and I come
away feeling that I've missed something. As if I have only
one side of the story, or something was left out that would
clarify or change it significantly.

In a related observation I've noticed that many main stream
businesses have a policy that if they can't deliver as promised
they provide a prompt refund or compensation (free coupons,
discount future services, etc). Sometimes these benefits are
"hidden" but easily granted to DCs (Difficult Customers).

THis seems to be the way corporate franchises operate. The
coupons are preprinted! That indicates they do this routinely
and in volume.

I think this has been going on for a while and consumers are
now conditioned to expect it. The idea is that a refund is
a "make good" and not an admission of wrong doing, and
more importantly a "free next time" or "discount next time"
will keep a customer returning.

On the darker side I've noticed (mainly with young adults)
that the 'free stuff' completed erases the bad service or
error that got them there in the first place. Its almost
as if the vendor has deflected the bad customer instead
of actually making good on the problem in the first place!

In some cases the problem of not delivering a service is
an acceptable cost of operations (due to equipment
failures, weak employee training, pre-sales against expected
guest turn out, etc.)

I can't believe that you gave an purchase order and pre-payment
to a vendor and they simple returned it and walked away.

They must have some other motivation to distance themselves
from you in particular, because they have already paid both
an oportunity cost (losing a sale) and spend time and
effort on you without any compensation or future revenue.

Keep it up and they will go out of business. Not good for
them or for present customers (expecting after sales service)
or future customers that may decide not to roll the dice
and place an order.

Perhaps the other party is aware of this discussion and
would like to share their view?

Re: Opinion about Probotix CNC Machines

Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 4:30 pm
by haklesup
For a simialr reason eBay stopped allowing sellers to post negative comments in reply to negative comments by buyers.

That's not a perfect system either

Would something like this work for you. Half the price abd all the protections that come with buying on eBay. I've bought several things from China and Taiwan and HK from eBay with no incident at all. Occasionally very fast shipping too. As long as your purcahse is below the $2500 exemption, you generally don't pay duties (but it can happen particularly with new vendors, the ones that ship their OEM stuff direct are usually pretty good) ... 7C294%3A50

Re: Opinion about Probotix CNC Machines

Posted: Mon Jun 14, 2010 3:41 am
by ltx71cm
andy88 wrote:well atleast you get a refund so be happy bout it
I make it a point to not use companies who are sneaky and spam. An honest post about your business and what you offer in the proper forum would be a step in the right direction.

Re: Opinion about Probotix CNC Machines

Posted: Thu Jun 24, 2010 1:24 am
by Lenp
I know this is an old post but since the OP didn't make it clear....

This Len is not that Len :smile: