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No Flow Chart

Post by frank_fg » Fri Aug 22, 2008 9:58 am

:smile: Al

Sorry I'v been in an unexpected vacation, but I'm back now and ready to go.

Master PIC talking to Slave PIC to control a motor.

As I said above comunication is good.

I need to capture the three zero characters that are being sent to the Masters LCD display from the slave.


Testip: bsf portb,rb0 ; Red LED on.
call rxw ;Test for new data.
btfss status,z ;If z set then new data.
return ;Return If z is clear.
call txw ;Send same data byte back.
movwf reflevel2
bsf portb,rb1 ;Green LED on.


Rxw: bcf status,z ;z flag cleard to show no data.
btfss pir1,rcif ;Test for new data.
return ;No data exit, z flag clear.
btfss rcsta,ferr
goto rw1
*> movf rereg,w ;Move data into W.
bcf status,z
goto rw2

*> I would thing that at this point I could copy the new data to
a file name stop,then compare it to a file name STOP that has '000'
in it and if so stop the motor.


What do think?

I need to look the compare cmd for the PIC16F88.


Frank G.

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