PIC LCD(non serial) alarm clock

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PIC LCD(non serial) alarm clock

Post by rodd » Sat Jul 05, 2003 3:50 am

I came across a large LCD display which I thought would be nice in a digital alarm clock.
I checked the internet for a digital clock chip with the proper LCD drives, but to my surprise, I could not find ANY.
So I decided to the the PIC approach, but all the information I found are for serial LCD modules.
Any ideas?

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Re: PIC LCD(non serial) alarm clock

Post by bodgy » Sat Jul 05, 2003 5:45 am

You could use a Pic, but if this is a COG or GOG type module it probably doesn't have its own built in controller.<p>If not then you will need a PIC that has enough data pins to for the amount of segments you require. You will also need to generate the backplane signal as well.<p>There is a Pic that is designed for LCD 16C92X, however it is not available in flash memory.<p>However there are chips from National Semiconductor that can be used to drive an LCD (Don't have the part no's to hand) or look at MAXIM they have a MAX149x which includes and ADC and have depending on part No, either a SPI or Microwire interface.<p>There are other LCD drivers out there- in fact Philips have some I2C ones if I recall.<p>Colin<p>PS the Maxim one is a 28 TSSOP package 7mm * 7mm a little fiddly if you're not used to soldering SMD stuff. You could also see if anyone has the old ICL7129 lurking, this is now obsolete but is a 40pin DIP and came in 7seg and LCD versions.
Also look at the CMOS 4056 or a 4543 or 7447/8 all LCD drivers<p>[ July 05, 2003: Message edited by: bodgy ]</p>
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