old windows 2K question something weird issue

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Re: old windows 2K question something weird issue

Post by haklesup » Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:18 am

"What angers me, is how certain software companies{MicroSquish} are getting so controlling over there programing languages.
Example: If you use C++, and write a program with it. {MicroSquish} has the right to confiscate that program as there own, and you get none of the money you could of earned from it.
Plus, you can't even distribute it for free."

Where in the EULA does it say that? Is it in another? I searched for the word Confiscate or Money and it is not in the document
There are plenty of restrictions but mainly with respect to redistributable files that were written by MS is among the most restrictive but I can't find anywhere it tries to claim ownership of code that you write, though there are plenty of ways they can restrict how you use and distribute that code.

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