Upgrading Windows 10 from 8 was a bad idea.

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Upgrading Windows 10 from 8 was a bad idea.

Post by solardude » Wed Mar 23, 2016 8:09 am

I'm not understanding this at all with having Windows 8 and then Microsoft gives the people a free upgrade to Windows 10. Then when they go for it and the download is done there are missing files and Windows 10 is not user friendly at all.
I have my mother's laptop which is fairly new (1 year) and she hates Windows 10, plus she lost her most important and only pics that she just saved to her laptop before upgrading from 8 to 10.
Let's say she wanted me to install Windows 7 and she was comfortable running 7 from her older laptop, so I tried searching for her pics before installing 7 for her and I had no luck. Then when trying to install 7 it would not let me. I have a disk that I've use many times before and had success installing 7, so it is not the disk. I figured maybe there was a block somehow in the OS to deny the install, so I bought a new hard drive for her and tried to install 7 on a new drive. It would not install until I Disabled the Secure Boot. It started with loading the files then when the screen comes up "Starting Windows" the color windows would come up and then everything freezes.
So now I have 3 issues that I cannot figure out.
1) Locating the lost Pics.
2) Uninstall Windows 10 and replace with Windows 7 on original Drive.
3) Install Windows 7 onto the new Drive.

Confusing Right? Just hoping you guys can help me with this so I tried to explain everything I could that may help you to help me.
Thanks and appreciate all your wisdom.

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