Router issue.

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Router issue.

Post by Lenp » Tue Feb 23, 2016 7:12 pm

I have two Netgear WRN2000 wireless routers. One is a set up as the base, the other is set up as a repeater to provide better coverage. The base is faster because the slave has more latency and additional overhead. They work well but here's the issue.

Almost always, the wifi in a cell phone, or laptop will choose the stronger signal rather than the fastest router. Understandably, but both signals are strong enough for a solid connection. I have set the wifi software to ignore the slower router and the only thing it ignores, is me. You can switch the routers in the wifi setup software but eventually when it boots, it will pick the stronger over the faster. Yes, it's on my bucket list to run a cable to the repeater so it also runs off the network switch rather than as a wireless repeater which would make both routers equally fast. Until that happens, any idea to show the wifi software who's boss, and keep it locked to a particular router?

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Re: Router issue.

Post by dacflyer » Wed Feb 24, 2016 3:25 am

have you set it so that it does not automatically connect ?
i have done that with my laptop.. i have some wifi things that i did not want to auto connect.
like when i was fighting with the ESP8266's i was playing with... my main router always wanted to auto connect to the router when i did not want it i just set the connection to not auto connect... try it..

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