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Download Manager used for Something Else

Post by fine-tune » Sat Jun 27, 2015 2:27 pm

I started with a simple problem, not knowing how difficult it would be to resolve.

I constructed a kind of "hybrid" desktop server. Its main function is to download
large files without slowing down the other computers in my home office. As a result,
I don't need lightning fast download speeds or splitting files into multiple threads.

I download from dozens of file sharing (cloud storage) sites. I have one problem
that I tried and failed to resolve. When I click on a "download file" link I want to
see the real URL before the download starts. This is very important to me. If
I don't like what I see, I've got the option of canceling the download before it

The download applet integrated into all browsers will capture the correct URL
to start the download. The problems is a "save as" box provides no info about
the file's real URL until the download has started. There may be browsers that
display the URL before starting a download. The four browsers I have do not
provide this info.

I want to use a download manager as a URL Lister. It might be the worst manager
ever created, that doesn't matter! I can always copy and paste the link into a rock
solid manager like FlashGet or any of the FlashGet clones.

If you capture and save streaming videos then you're using a packet sniffer, or
a sniffer integrated with a download manager. The sniffer works because it grabs
the correct URL as the video streams.

I need a browser with a download applet that will load and display a file's real URL
before the download starts, or a download manager that will do the job. In effect,
the manager will be used as a URL Revealer, it doesn't need to actually download
the file.

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