Brother GL-570 Label Printer Tips

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Brother GL-570 Label Printer Tips

Post by Lenp » Sat Apr 14, 2012 1:54 pm

I have been using this printer for several years and have some tips to pass on:

The Brother labels are expensive! One reason is because they are fitted to a carrier that is unique to both Brother and the label that is loaded. On the foot of the carrier there is a hole pattern that tells the printer which label product is loaded. The good news is that there is an Amazon seller, Sojitec that sells Brother compatible labels, at a fraction of the branded label price, but, they are without the carrier. It is easy to take apart an empty carrier and reuse it by breaking off the left side of the carrier at the hub. Then load the new label roll. Now I see that Sojitec is selling carriers! This is a real money saver and the labels are completely acceptable and function without problems. Since the foot of the carrier has the unique hole pattern, I have created a drawing with all the patterns I could identify. With this information, if you need a carrier for a Sojitec label that you don't have, it is a simple task to drill or block holes as needed. PM me and I'll send the chart.

There is a Brother Label, the DK-2214 that is a continuous split label. It has a split nearly centered that produces two narrow labels. One half of the label width is wasted since the software allows printing on just one half. I guess this was done because there would be feed problems if the label backing was made too narrow.

Here's the fix.
Load the DK-2214 label roll onto a DK-2210 carrier. The DK-2210 label is the same width but not split so both of the label's backing tapes are the same size. The software thinks it is a DK-2210 and the full width is now available in the software! Just create a text block, top, bottom or both and you can use whatever of the split label is desired.

And last...
You can set up the Brother Software to use other printers! Go to File/Printer/page setup.. Set up the other printer. I use a Zebra thermal printer to print larger labels than the Brother printer can handle but any system printer can be used.

If anyone has more tips, pass them on!


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