Hemorrhagic redirectioning...

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Hemorrhagic redirectioning...

Post by Externet » Sun Oct 09, 2011 8:02 am

Hi all.
Been long enough smoothly surfing with Linux + Mozilla, until yesterday that some setting got corrupted -or I goofed, more likely-

So I did put back the Windows hard drive instead to figure out some things and found the web is now a diarrhea of pirating redirections.

Trying to get to a site, two and three pirate crappy sites come up one after the other instead of the requested. Every time that I tried to reach a site, the same thing. Those garbage sites peddling to control your compfuser fighting for attention to their stupid contents.

What a pleasure was the net in the mid nineties. How nasty has become. Thanks god for the 'stop loading' button...

OR, do you not get those ? What is wrong with my settings that I get that infestation ?

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Re: Hemorrhagic redirectioning...

Post by BrewBeer » Sun Oct 09, 2011 7:30 pm

I Use Windows XP and Internet Explorer, I have had redirect problems before but it was because I had "add-ons" I have removed those. I use a pop-up blocker(which is sometimes enoying because I have to click allow to download and it blocks some pics) I have also noticed that there a lot of sites that screw around in my registry somehow. I have learned that before shuting down, or even stand-by to clean up Becuase your right>> the internet is a filthy place<< So I always remove all cookies and run registry repair before going to standby. I'm not a computer expert, rather new but after using a few comps to the point of lock up(and having to wipe the hard drive) I have successfully been using my current comp for 2 years with only minor flaws.

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