Replaced a virus filled HD with a new one

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Re: Replaced a virus filled HD with a new one

Post by MrAl » Fri Oct 08, 2010 7:30 pm


I think this is relevant to your problem...

Case 1:
A friend of mine bought a computer quite a while back, and it came preloaded with op sys, so i told him to contact the manu for the CD install disks. He did that and they sent the set of CD disks. It was surely still under warranty though so keep that in mind.

Case 2:
Years later another computer was bought, it also came preloaded with the op sys, contacting the manu this time they said to make your own CD disks by following some procedure they outlined. Doing that (and having a CD burner) made the disks just fine. It could have been DVD disks though i cant remember now which would require a DVD burner.

Case 3:
Buying a new op sys on CD, you get what you need to install but you need at least a CD ROM disk drive but at least you dont need a burner.

So case 1 the disks were mailed out from the manu without charge.
Case 2 the disks had to be made WHILE the system was still operable.
Case 3 the op sys is on CD so all that is needed is a CD ROM drive.

Contacting the manu after the system crashes may lead to them sending out the required install disks, which are probably a set of CD's. You'll have to call them i guess.
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