IDE to Sata, Sata to IDE (adapters)

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IDE to Sata, Sata to IDE (adapters)

Post by MrAl » Sat Nov 21, 2009 6:20 am

Hi there,

If you ever looked for a Sata to IDE adapter (or the other) you may have noticed that
they seem to describe some of them the same way although they are not all the same.
Some seem to be made for a Sata motherboard using an IDE drive, while others are
made for an IDE motherboard and a Sata drive, while still yet others are made for both

Looking on ebay we found a couple and the descriptions are not always that clear
They usually say they go up to the older Sata I standard of 1.5Gb/s, but then hard
drives dont even reach 150MB/s usually.

Anyway, anyone ever try one of these things, either way?
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