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ipod touch with a different OS

Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:15 am
by L. Daniel Rosa
One of rackets where I work is "pride points" that we can spend on junk in the catalog. I've been ignoring them for a while and now there's enough to buy a toy or two.

Anyway, I was thinking about the ipod touch but I don't want to be chained to the istore and buy apps that don't do what I want. I did take a look-see and there is some chatter about another OS or two being shoehorned into the thing, but I'd like to hear about someone's personal experience in these circles.

Re: ipod touch with a different OS

Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2009 1:30 am
by SETEC_Astronomy
Edit: Duplicate post, I'm not having much luck getting replies posted on the forum the past few days. The page hangs when a post is long.

Re: ipod touch with a different OS

Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2009 1:35 am
by SETEC_Astronomy
The iPod Touch is pretty decent, I've used one before. I have an
iPhone and really like it. I jailbroke my iPhone so I could run non
apple and unapproved apps, it was easy to do. You can jailbreak iPod
Touches just as easily though you may not like your choice of apps
that don't come from the Apple App Store. There are three main
alternatives to the App store out there, they are Cydia (which I
prefer), Icy and Rock. Most of the apps available through Cydia, Icy
and Rock are geared towards people like me who enjoy the command line,
chaining apps together for new functionality and so on. Themes are big
also. You seem to be anticipating not liking the app store, it's not
perfect but I don't think it's as bad as you expect. There are a lot
of free well written apps that I use daily. To my knowledge there is not a different OS
that you can install on the iPod touch or iPhone, only jailbreaks that release functionality of the Apple OS. Older iPods could have a version of Linux installed on them
but not the newer ones. There is a project called Rockbox for older iPods but that's a whole new discussion. Are there any specific
questions regarding use you'd like answered?

Re: ipod touch with a different OS

Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2009 10:54 am
by L. Daniel Rosa
Specifically vague maybe. Instead of a media player that happens to be able to keep a calender, I'd like to see it as a pocket sized computer sans keyboard. I know that 99% of people's needs are taken care of by apps that are already written, but I'm not them. I'm hoping to be able to run C apps so maybe linux is my best bet- neglecting the fact that I've had little luck keeping linuxed computers alive lately.

Really, I want to start programming in C and I'd like to have something more portable than my tower to keep notes on. I'd like to have a portable platform for gee-whiz things too. Maybe I just want to justify buying a shiny new toy, but can't get over being chained to a monopoly store like my cellular telephone (zero apps there folks- the service provider even uploaded a suicide program to keep me replacing the 'phone every year for no extra charge).
You seem to be anticipating not liking the app store
You got that right! When you buy coffee, do you pay the store to "install" it in your kitchen? Do you let them come in the night to "count" your coffee use? Do you pay a variance fee if your coffee is not the same brand as your refrigerator?

Re: ipod touch with a different OS

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:08 pm
by SETEC_Astronomy
As far as I know the iPod Touch cannot have Linux installed on it, the last known supported iPod was the 5th Gen Video and to a lesser extent the iPod Classic. Most iPhone/iPod Touch apps are written in C (XCode) so that's in your favour but unless you have a Mac to download and run the Apple SDK app development is a kludge and a highly involved process. Linux users for the most part have to compile the apps directly on the device as it has the programming headers.

As far a being a pocket sized computer sans keyboard, it is, I find the iPhone to be very handy and easy to use. When writing long emails or forum posts the smaller screen real estate can get you but it's better than lugging a laptop around that you *might* need. The iPod Touch can do do most things a computer can do with the exception of heavy graphics. It's fairly responsive with a clear and bright screen.

Even hard core Mac supporters are bummed about Apple's seemingly arbitrary app approval process, the lockdowns, lack of flash support and so on. I don't blame you a bit there, I feel much the same. I'm a firm believer in open source, open software and open hardware but in this particular instance I'm willing to forgo my typical stance because I welcome what the device has to offer. Bottom line being it's a pain but I believe you'll later agree it was worth it.

Re: ipod touch with a different OS

Posted: Wed Nov 11, 2009 12:46 pm
by haklesup
This begs the question " if one were inclined to become a developer of Apps for the iTuff/iPone what development tools and upload procedures would one use"

Its not only the i-stuff that's locked up. My 160GB Zune player has lots of free space but apparently you can only put music, video and pictures on it. Unlike other HDD based players, there is no way to use it as a generic mass storage device like an external HDD. PCs find the device when plugged in but only the ZUNE app does anything with it. You'd expect a more open system from MS but no.

If you want an open toy, look for a portable GPS device with the Windows CE OS. These are quite easy to unlock and install Win CE apps from many sources. Many games, video codecs and 3rd party GPS apps (unlocked maps etc). Unlike the iTuff, they usually don't have nice integrated peripherals like the motion/position sensor. Mine (V7 brand) does have some pads on the PCB that look like a serial port though.

I don't have any direct experience with apple not owning any iStuff
Time to look at the Droid

As for changing OS of portable devices, this usually required replacing or reflashing the ROM in the device with new core code. AFAIK, none exist for apple products yet but many smart phones have already been cracked.

[EDIT] After writing this reply, I came across theis artical ... id=4850408 Appareatly cracked iPhones are susceptable to malware. My conclusoion is that closed source is the only way apple can continue with its claims of being virus free.