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Re: dual operating systems

Post by reloadron » Sat Nov 07, 2009 3:45 am

If I read this right you should be able to use a third party tool like Gparted from within PartedMagic. PartedMagic can be downloaded here. You will download an .iso file and need to create a bootable media disk which is covered in detail here. They use Nero Express as burning software but any burning software that will burn a bootable CD from an iso image file should work fine. Once you have a bootable disk created this section tutorial should get you going.

You may also be able to start using your Windows XP disk which should see the existing partitions (Linux Fedora) and create a new partition in what shopuld now be un partitioned space where XP originally was on what XP saw as the C:\ drive.

I have not tried the above using Gparted but it should work. Once you have used Gparted to create a partition (NTFS) you should be able to reinstall Windows XP to that partition.


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