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New(ish) Gateway computer

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:01 am
by L. Daniel Rosa
I think I'm stressing out too much about this. I recently acquired a computer for myself so that I don't have to keep using the monstrosity in the living room. Unfortunately, I can't get all the drivers for it.

What I (think I) know about it so far is the tag on the back reads "ATXAEG LX3 E6000", SN0032291766, BIOS MV85010A.15A.0075.P13. The best I can do for a motherboard number is 4000B10, but I can't be sure that's the right one. The OS is 2000(pro)

The most important thing right now is the ethernet/network driver so I can bring it online and get anything else I need.

Re: New(ish) Gateway computer

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2009 12:04 pm
by reloadron
How about on the front panel, do you see a model number aside from all the stuff on the back nameplate? Gateway has been bought but they still maintain an active website where working with a model number (generally on front panel) you can find all the drivers for specific models.

THIS LINK should help as a starting point.


Re: New(ish) Gateway computer

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2009 4:10 pm
by haklesup
You can gain a little more info from the PC itself. Under the My computer Icon in the Porperties, you can usually find out the OS version as well as some details about the processor on the General Tab.

Move on over to the Hardware tab (or control panel, system info) and press the Device Manager button and you can see if the OS is detecting the LAN card and if there are any errors associated. If its not on the list, reboot and go to BIOS (usually F2 or F3) and check BIOS menus to verify the LAN is enabled. If it is listed, you should be able to find out its model and version

Try the "Add hardware" window in the Control Panel. It might find it and install a generic driver from windows. Also try the network setup wizard in the control panel (not sure if Win2000 had one)

Worse comes to worse, you buy a LAN card plug it into the PCI slot (or whatever) and get online for $30-$50. Maybe even return the card later if you can get the built in LAN to work. Possibly an add in card will be faster networking anyway.

Googling "gateway ATXAEG LX3 E6000 drivers" gets me to here ... am=3401701

Re: New(ish) Gateway computer

Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2009 12:04 am
by L. Daniel Rosa
Thanks all for your assistance. I stopped by a computer shop on my trip south and the folks there managed to force feed a driver to it- not the one that matched the model number but a later one that works by good luck.

Haklesup, I'm sorry I wasn't clear on this (not that it matters anymore). I don't have a LAN card, it is native hardware. Also, the system was wiped before sale so _all_ drivers were lost. I reinstalled an OS, but gill bates doesn't have the stuff for it.

Reloadron, I feel like an idiot. The model number is E6000. I found the motherboard number too, but can't find it right now.

Now the real important task at hand- let's see if I can build a cider press before all the apples drop off my trees.